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Provide a unique Kinect User Experience for your website.
With jKinect, turn any web site into a Kinect enabled web application.


Add gestures and remote control to your web site using only 3 lines of Javascript.

jKinect is a ligthweighted Javascript framework that give access to high-level gestures as well as raw skeleton informations.
Start using Kinect with just 3 lines of js.

Download jKinect now


Get more customers by adding innovative services and natural user experience to your web site.

From marketing to online shopping, jKinect helps you create innovative UX using Kinect for Windows.
Virtual dresser, virtual makeup, 3D catalog, ... everything is possible


Take control of any websites (even the most secure ones) using your Kinect.

Using the power of JavaScript, our jKinect library can be easily injected in any website to turn it into a Kinect-enabled web application. Layout adjusting, event triggering... make yourself at home on any website.

See Twitter User Responsive Design sample

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